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EUCTO-PEOPLE provides HR business consulting services  that are exclusively designed for your organization’s requirements. The solutions developed by our expert will be best in class, industry specific and data driven.  Our solutions cover the full spectrum of all business functions covering the entire employee life cycle in an organisation


EUCTO-MENTORING will host industry leaders across the globe as mentors, this enables us to assimilate latest industry trends and best practices in all our business solutions offered.

Talent Retention

The cost of recruiting a new employee is twice the cost of the retaining the same employee. So it makes sense for any employer to understand the various factors that influence an employee to leave an organization. The common belief that money is a deciding factor is no longer relevant as organizations with low compensation have been known for higher retention rates while, on the other hand there are organization who are not able to retain employees even after paying at the 75th percentile of the market. There are wide range of reasons an employee decides to leave the organization - the internal factors (e.g incompatiable with the Supervisor, low employee engagement, etc.,) and external factors such as commute, cost of living etc. Often the internal factors are more dominating and visible reasons for leaving,  while there are critical external factors which influences the decision.  So it is very important for organizations to analyze, measure and define the attrition factors.

Organizations that make their employees happy, eventually have happy customers. EUCTO-PEOPLE will analyze the various factors that influence retention both internal and external to create a custom made people centric retention approach focusing on employee wellbeing, guarded by management principles and effectively backed up by the technology developments.


Having the right structure is important for any organization to develop their business, survive the intense competition that persist today and improve agility at workplace.While organization structuring/re-structuring is essential, it is more essential to do it right The primary advantages of executing a structuring / re-structuring exercise are

-Well defined jobs in the organization with clear roles and responsibilities

-Right people doing the right job

-Cost saved because of the optimum manpower usage

-Promoting a culture of performance

Clearly defined systems and processes

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EUCTO-PEOPLE defines the organization structuring / re-structuring process in three phases 
   - Engage and Explore
   - Initiate and refine
   - Sustain and scale
The three phases is effectively backed up by communication and change management processes.  The defined step-by-step process will ensure the entire structuring / restructuring exercise is meaningful to the organization.  

The experts at EUCTO-PEOPLE are experienced in delivering the structuring / re-structuring exercise across various industries.  While your in-house HR experts manage your day - to – day HR operations, we will be your able partner in executing the organization structuring exercise.

Whether you are looking to start your dream business or bring growth to your existing business, the experts at EUCTO-PEOPLE are here to make that happen.

Contact us today and let's get planning!

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