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Successful Organisations have always prioritized their employees’ growth over business growth and customer retention.
As the saying goes, “What gets measured gets managed”-it is important for Organisations to track the human capital and measure the effectiveness of HR initiatives towards business growth.A recent study says that evolving organizations have started focusing on people metrics to align their business strategies and promote success. There is a shift from being transactional HR to a data-driven HR who will act as a strategic partner to enable growth.We at Eucto-People help you to measure and improve the experience of your employees which in turn will positively impact your customers’ experience.The Key data that helps organizations to track progress are time to hire, cost per hire, productivity score, training effectiveness, training completion rate, performance and potential levels, employee engagement score, attrition rate, retention rate per manager and many more.
Eucto-People offers exclusive metrics to support small and medium organisations to scale up business operations , identify  strategy for future, recognise what is working well, what needs to be improved and what trends they can expect down the line.Like large corporations, this approach will enable small and medium businesses to implement the date driven HR strategies to hire, develop and retain the right talent.

People Metrics

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