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Image by Kevin Ku

The last decade has been the evolution of People-Tech for medium and small enterprises.  While most companies realized the need for effective HR functioning, the others who already had a mature human resource function effectively transitioned to automating their processes.Small and Medium enterprises can be easily compared to the ICU of a hospital, where the focus will be on making the patient survive rather than to take care of the medicos’ well-being. While the scenario sounds very promising and motivating, in the long run small enterprises may end up with fatality of its employees.  The challenge will be to maintain the promising and motivating culture while implementing effective HR management and development strategies, thus the ultimate solution will be People Tech. The key HR functions that needs to be automated in the small and medium enterprises are time and attendance, on boarding, performance management, policy documentation and capturing the employee life-cycle.  These functions can be automated using latest technology such as artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation (RPA), virtual reality (VR) and so on. EUCTO-PEOPLE will be your Human Resource Business Partner to streamline the HR function and effectively automate the key functions to improve the functionality and efficiency.

People Tech

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